“I have got to write and thank you for such a fabulous evening. My friend, Norma and I enjoyed it enormously. I have never witnessed anyone in trance before, and have to say am completely bowled over.
Rita O

“I feel I have to let you know what an absolutely wonderful evening we had with Karen, last night. Since then, I have been flying high.”
Jean L

“What a wonderful evening! I didn’t realise how great Karens work is! As you know I have always been the sceptic in our family, but thanks to you I now know where and what I want to do. A really big hug and loads of love,”
Sam P

“It was such a wonderful evening Karen was such an inspiration and everything she said was true, that you must find answers to your questions yourself and not depend on others and make sure you are full of good “intent”. We are looking forward to Ongar and of course the next evening you hold.”
Geraldine F

“I have not come down from the ‘high’ yet!!! Fabulous evening!!! Please can you pass on to Karen that her spirit guide is truly a wise old soul and has changed my outlook on life. Whenever the next session might be, please book me in!!”
Paige L

Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre wrote on their message board for November 2008:

Unfortunately James Byrne was unable to be with us for our monthly meeting because one of his children was sick, and as he comes a very long way to be with us, this is very understandable. Fortunately, Karen Willis came to our aid at the last minute. Karen has to come from Gatwick, so she bravely fought the M25 traffic! Karen started by telling us a true spiritual story involving children, the moral being that we, as adults, must never underestimate how naturally and easily children see spirit and take that as normal. We must always encourage them whenever possible to tell us, and speak to them about what they see and never dismiss incidents which to them are real, such as “imaginary friends”. I believe there are many children today being born with a very high spiritual level and that can only be a good thing.

When Karen started her clairvoyance she knew exactly where she wanted to go to give a message. Her information was excellent and she feels she is an ambassador for Spirit which is lovely. Thank you Karen for a lovely evening and we hope to see you again very soon.

“With positive intent and a heart filled with love the impossible becomes possible”

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